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نقشه آتین

About Mana Salamat Pasargad Food Industries Company


Mana Salamat Pasargad Food Industries Company, by using modern technical knowledge and employing experienced and specialized personnel in the food industry, has always been determined to name “Atin” as its brand name as the brand of superior quality in domestic markets and Foreigners should keep in mind that in this regard, with organic and healthy cultivation and industry, it has always been extremely careful in preparing and producing raw materials for its products.

Athens products are produced under the supervision of the most experienced food and nutrition health experts who have a health certificate from international authorities.

The management of the company, believing in the slogan “production pulse is in the hands of the customer”, has selected all the production processes based on excellent quality with the aim of meeting the needs and satisfying the consumers, in which the company’s lofty goals are announced as follows.

1- Creating efficient processes of production management system to improve the quality of manufactured products

2- Creating a cycle of production of organic and natural products that guarantee the health of the family against transgenic food products

3. Recognize the real needs of customers by type of product consumption

4- Establishing a halal standard for the food industry for the company’s products

5- Establishment of international standards of food quality management and safety

6- Ensuring the needs and expectations of Athens products and planning to meet these needs

7- Gaining the maximum share in the world markets and introducing quality Iranian goods in the international arena.

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Isfahan, 2nd Abshar Street, after Ghadir Bridge, next to the Physical Education Office, No. 253